Live Your Best is a blog made to inspire people to live their best in all aspects of life. We are a Christian blog with the goal of showing people that you can live your best when you have Jesus in your life. Many blogs are coming soon in the following categories:

Overcoming Adversity

I may only be a young adult, but facing adversity became a normal part of my life from the time I was 13. When I was 13 years old, I became sick with Chronic Lyme Disease. When I first contracted the illness, I was so sick that I couldn’t even walk or read words off a page! Five years later, I am recovering, but it has been a long healing process. On this blog, I will share my struggles of adversity the illness gave me, and how I overcame it. I hope that through this I can help another person who is struggling, and encourage them that they too can overcome adversity.

Spiritual Life

Growing up, I wasn’t the best kid. I was self-centered, bitter, angry, and ultimately unsatisfied. However, in April of 2012, my life was changed forever. During this time was when I put my faith and trust in Jesus Christ and accepted him as my Savior. Since then, I am have found that God has radically changed my life in amazing ways. On this blog, I will post about what God is doing and has done in my life.


One thing I have been very blessed with is the opportunity to travel. It is my dream to travel the whole world one day. In fact, I plan to study abroad for a whole year in Argentina starting this September! Currently, I have been to 8 countries including the United States (Spain, Italy, France, Canada, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Guatemala). On this blog, I will post travel tips and tricks, and what traveling abroad has taught me.

Gluten Free Tips and Tricks

Ever since I contracted a chronic illness in 2013, gluten was something I had to slowly eliminated from my diet. It caused inflammation and made me get very sick. While at times it was difficult to give up gluten, finally, in 2016 I made the commitment to go completely gluten free. Since then, I haven’t looked back, and have been strictly¬†gluten free. On this blog, I will share my GF restaurant experiences, and tips and tricks to avoid many dangers those of us who are gluten free¬†face, such as cross-contamination, and lack of variety at certain restaurants.

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